Chancing the 'Verse

Episode Six

Ricco's Folly

Episode Six- Ricco’s Folly
(This Episode was two short game sessions)
The crew takes their leave of New Murano after finally dropping off the last small package, refueling and picking up a ship full of old mining gear and scrap metal. Violetta thanks the crew for their perserverance and assistance and assures them that they will be on her list of associates who are able to do a job discretely. As long as grenades are discreet.
An uneventful five day burn gives the crew time to rest up and think about their time on New Murano. Half way to Beaumonde the Crew gets a comm from Jersey Bob. His nephew Ricco has been working with a survey crew on Beaumonde and has just arrived at the small town of Oak Creek, where Bob has directed him to stay put until he is picked up. He sends the coordinates.
The crew first land in the thriving Spaceport of West Delos. This City is typical Beamonde- industrialized to the max, with the air so thick of smog and particulates you could chew your way through it and not need breakfast. It takes only a few hours to off load your cargo to the proper authorities and get airborne again, and most of you are pretty happy to have done so.
Your second destination on Beaumonde is literally on the other side of the world, and the several hour ride finds you landing near evening at the small mining town of Oakcreek. It would be hard to find a community that contrasts more with West Delos than Oak Creek does. The grassy plains surrounding the high mesa that stands next to Oakcreek are very reminiscent of the open lands of Kansas and Nebraska of earth that was. The town, which serves as home to around 600 people, consists of 2 saloons, 1 general mercantile store, 1 small schoolhouse and several apartment buildings for workers in the local mines. It exists largely because of the nearby Gibson Mine, which mines a fairly uncommon mineral called pyrophylite which is used as an insulating material.
Upon arriving planetside several members of the crew head into town . . . Santana puts in a request for a room with hot water that will not be recycled in the next shower . . . the crew in the mule is immediately approached by Ms. Kettamina Jones, the romantic pursuit of Mr. Ricco Tatagliani. She has been informed by Ricco that you are coming and wants you to know that he is now in jail. She wants to be sure that you understand . . . she and Ricco are completely as pure and innocent as the new fallen snow.
The crew splits up after dismissing Ms. Jones. Anders follows her just to keep tabs. Lachlan and others go straight to the sheriffs office. There they speak to Sheriff Samuel Landry. He is a true old west straight shooter and in between chaw spits he lets you know this . . .
Two days ago Ricco and his girlfriend, Kettamina Jones, were in the ‘Golden Key Saloon’ and drinking it up. Ricco saw a man in the bar eyeball his girlfriend and started a fight. Unfortunately the man in question was Kyle Gibson, the son of Grant Gibson, the owner of the Gibson mine and the wealthiest man in town. Kyle is also a deputy sheriff. He pretty easily knocked down Ricco. So Ricco got up and pulled out a knife as Kyle drew a baton. There is some difference of opinion as to who pulled out their weapon (or their badge) first. In the fight that ensued Kyle was stabbed (a fairly minor wound) and Ricco was knocked out and thrown in jail. Currently he is awaiting the arrival of the circuit court judge who will determine a sentence. It is likely to be several years in prison at this point.
The group spends the next day doing various and sundry stuff and scoping out the town. They question folks. Spigel visits the Gibson house and asks Kyle Gibson if he wants to spar the next day. They make an appointment. Lachlan spends quality time (and expends a few credits) with the town drunk, Otis. Otis witnessed the fight and is about as useful as nipples on a billy goat as far as a witness goes. Folks do some background checking on the Gibson family, looking for blackmail material, but get very little if anything.
The crew is throwing around ideas that afternoon. They go to the sheriff’s office again and suddenly are made privy to the information that Kyle Gibson’s sister, Delilah, and her friend Sarah were taking a coach ride through the neighboring abandoned town of Steaming Rock when they were ambushed by a gang of escaped Mental patients led by the Byerly brothers. The Byerly brothers, Luke and Steve, are the only surviving citizens of the reaver raid that destroyed Steaming rock. They survived by locking themselves in the sheriff’s jail cells and watching while the Gorram reavers tortured, raped and ate all of their friends and family (not always in that order) The trauma of seeing this and living through it was too much for them and they were sent to a mental hospital back in west delos. Apparently they escaped a month ago and have some of their fellow whak-job patients with them. According to the last cell transmit by the coach driver, Wade, the boys ambushed the coach and the ladies ran into the bank. The call ended with some gunshots and wade making some gurgling noises . . . you assume Wade didn’t make it. It is possible, if they got into the bank vault and managed to close it, that the girls are still alive. They won’t be for long.
Only a fast ship will get the cavalry to the rescue on time, and the crew happens to have the only fast ship in town. Sheriff Landry deputizes the crew, who agree to help out if Gibson drops the charges against Ricco.
The end of this session found the crew speeding off to steaming rock. The next session picked up with the crew coming in fast over Steaming Rock. A couple of men with assault rifles are on buildings, firing off at anything that moves. A very withdrawn woman with a large teddy bear is standing in the middle of the road. The Hsigo lands long enough to let the crew out in one mule and the sheriff and his deputies out in another mule. Then she sees an armed alliance medi vac ship (200 tons) coming in hot. Apparently at least one of the escaped loonies knew how to pilot and the Byerly and their crew stole a ride. Unfortunately it is a reasonably well armed and armored ride, coming in to engage with the Hsigo, whose weaponry is non existent. Santana takes off to lead it away from the town. Lachlan tells Zack to stay with the Hsigo, but he jumps ship and follows the rest of the crew.

While the deputies lay down some suppressing fire the crew makes their way around the bank, where the ladies are hopefully still alive. Mycroft applies some scrapper gel to one side of the bank. Lachlan goes to the other. Anders gets into position and snipes a psycho off a nearby roof. Sheriff Landry and Doc Spigel climb into an adjacent building window and are attacked by a knife wielding Wei Shan loony bitch. The good doctor takes a knife in the shoulder and dodges aside to allow the sheriff to take out the lady. Anders gets into a shooting match with another psychotic f’ne zse and trades flesh wounds. Zack comes up and helps out by knocking out the troublesome feller.

Meanwhile the woman with the Teddy bear has been wandering towards the bank and refuses to stop approaching the deputies. One of the deputies, convinced for some reason that the wei shian dohn woo teddy bear is a bomb, finally shoots her in the leg. She hits the ground and, surprise, the teddy bear blows up, killing her. But it does not end there. Explosions begin rocking the town, blowing up the church, the sheriffs office, and the doctors office. All hell is breaking loose.

Lachlan gets into a brief shootout with a man in an adjacent building. The man disappears and comes running out of the back door, getting knocked out by Anders for his trouble. In the meantime the scrapper gel has cut a new door in the bank and Mycroft and a deputy remove the new door.

Inside the bank awaits the Byerly brothers, one of them armed with a Pneumatic bolt gun. He spears Zack with a 6 inch spike fired at high velocity. Zach hits the ground crying like a Baby, but not before he and the sheriff take out a byerly brother. The other one chucks a grenade in the alley and fun times are had by all diving for cover. When the rubble finishes falling the crew and the deputies converge on the bank again, with Lachlan having made a second door in the other side of the bank. The bank becomes a shooting gallery as the big damn heroes finally take down the last Byerly brother.

The crew confirms that the two missing ladies are locked in the vault. While Mycroft prepares to crack the safe open and Kyle comforts his sister through the door, most of the rest of the crew secure the town. The final toll; 2 loonies captured, 6 dead, 2 escaped, and one completely destroyed teddy bear. Two townspeople killed by the loonies. The two escapees were, according to the prisoners, the suicidal maniac who was piloting the medivac and a midget explosives expert who was the one who blew up the town. Little man loved to burn stuff.

The crew return back to Oak Rock with the rescued ladies and the bodies of the townsfolk and the loonies. The prisoners are thrown in jail. The town Doctor tends to the crew (except Spigel, who is not going to let some backcountry quack stick a band aid on him.). Plenty of folks in Oak Creek want to buy the crew drinks and raise a glass for their assistance.

The next morning despite his injured shoulder the doctor still agrees to spar Gibson, and the grieving town seems to take a delight in making a public spectacle out of it. Bets are placed with odds heavily in favor of Gibson. Two overconfident martial artists enter, one left. It was Gibson. The Doctor takes a very brief nap and the crew loses out on some cash covering bets.

Part of the deal for Jersey Bob was that Ms. Kettamina Jones was not to return to Paquin. Zack shows his skills and a decided lack of venereal fear by seducing Ms. Jones (who seduces him right back) and some audio recording of him bumping uglies with Kettamina seals the deal for Ricco, who is released into the crew’s care and who take off from planetside in a hurry.

The crew heads back for the 20 day burn to Paquin. Mycroft makes his maintenance role. The crew has a relatively uneventful trip back, giving them all the chance to heal their injuries and listen to endless bullshit stories of Ricco’s obviously made up escapades.

Upon landing Jersey Bob welcomes everyone, gives you incredibly expensive Brandy and signs over the Hsigo to Lachlan. A toast is raised ceremoniously. The ship, for all intents and purposes, is now all yours,” Bob says to Lachlan. “Treat her well and maybe she won’t blow up in deep space.”

Lachlan sighs. In relief. And in Anxiety. Oh for the life of a Captain.

A SIDE JOB THAT INVOLVES A CANNON. (Not really an episode, just a side Job)

The Captain, who is now the proud individual owner of a shiny new spacecraft . . . er, make that a rusty old spacecraft with a decent paint job. . . suddenly finds himself in need of some decent work. He has had to refill the fuel tanks and pay Carmen. Money don’t grow on trees. Unfortunately nothing comes up for two weeks and the job available the next week is mostly busy work so the Captain takes a pass. Finally a bit of a job comes up in the form of Marcus Cole, co-owner of a small salvage yard called Cole Steel Salvage approaches the Captain. He wants the quickest trip possible to Greenleaf, explaining that he just received a wire that his brother and sister in law were killed in a vehicle crash and he is theoretically in charge of gathering up his 2 nephews. He wants you to take him via a fast burn (2 day trip) to Greenleaf then return him and his nephews here (normal burn would be 3 days and take less gas).

The hitch is this- he can’t pay you in cashy money, as he is short. Instead he can pay you with a really big cannon and the materials to put it on your ship. This is 1d8 vehicle scale cannon. It is essentially a gun that can rotate 120 degrees and fires 2 pound bullets. The gun itself is worth close to 2k brand new, 1.5k refurbished, but it comes with fully permitted paperwork, making it totally legal for your ship (this easy adds 500 credits in value).
Given the frustrating lack of firepower on the ship Lachlan decides to take the job despite the lack of cash. The job goes off without a hitch. The crew picks up three passengers on the way back from Greenleaf. Two are Opera singers returning to Paquin who take up the two single rooms and regale the crew with vocal performances, paying 75 credits each (150 total) in fees for the trip. A third passenger, a merchant out of Persephone named James Midas , paid only 50 credits for the double room because he supplied the crew with a variety of fresh produce, most notably 3 50 pound sacks of potatoes that Zack serves herb roasted, twice baked and/or thinly sliced with some damn fancy soy glaze or another on ‘em. Lachlan, you got 200 credits in passenger fees but need to cross off another months’ supplies, another months ship upkeep (but most of that was spent grounded so figure only ½ cost for maintenance assuming Mycroft makes his maintenance role) and one more month salary for Santana.



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