Chancing the 'Verse

Episode Five

Lighthouse Mayhem

The crew boards their transport shuttle and proceeds with all haste to Delany island, where stands the replica lighthouse that Smythe has taken temporary refuge in. Patched in to the satellite feed of the island, they see the guards fueling up the space yacht as a groundskeeper tends to the garden boxes. They formulate a plan and go in hot, with Santana dropping off the crew and taking back to the air in a hurry as the transport is fired upon from the lighthouse building. Tian Fuhn Di Fu happens. Zach takes up a cover fire position, as does Anders, while Lachlan and Spigel and Mycroft try to board the yacht. Some lock troubles ensue at the main hatch door, but the top hatch is finally opened by Lachlan as more fire is exchanged between the crew and an unseen rifleman in the lighthouse. Lachlan drops in to the ship. A smoke grenade goes off inside the ship, causing much confusion. Lachlan exchanges fire with one of the security guards, finally almost grappling with him. He ends up quite thankful he brought a bulletproof vest when he takes two to the chest but returns fire good enuf to drop the very well-armed mall cop. Mycroft, in the meantime, finds the ventilation system, jets the smoke out and takes a couple pieces of the ships engine out that will make it kinda hard to go anywhere.
While Lachlan, Spigel and Mycroft secure the ship anders approached the lighthouse cautiously. Zack has fun shooting out lots of windows and offering pro bono legal advice. Anders call some of the crew up to him as he enters the house and engages in a little exercise we are calling ‘fun with grenades’, smoking out the house’s individual rooms pretty well. Lachlan makes his way to the basement door as Anders searches the bedroom and manages to find a Chinese Valet with a serious attitude problem and razor sharp shuriken. Anders also takes two to the chest and in return turns the chinaman’s head into a canoe. Smythe makes a run for it out the backdoor and surprises (and is surprised by) Lachlan. He gives Lachlan a cut to remember and then Lachlan reminds him why you should not bring a knife to a gunfight, peppering the man’s legs with buckshot. Smythe hits the ground crying like a little girl. In fact he cries so hard that Lachlan gives him a love tap to put him out.
Much medical activity happens at that point, as both Lachlan and Anders are seriously injured. In a move of pure Jing Chai Anders sets off a booby trap and manages to live through the explosion . . . barely. More medical rolls ensue. The crew loots everything that is not bolted down. Then Mycroft removes some bolts and loots some of that to. You return to Violetta with Smythe in tow. Violetta takes possession of smythe with many thanks. She pays you for your ‘side job’ and also takes the case and refuels and loads your ship with the spare parts. She also gives the crew access to her corporate medical facility and Lachlan and Anders spend 6 days of fun filled morphine brotherhood doin a little healin’ up. That is where the crew left off- about to take off for the 5 day burn to Beaumonde and the next step of the job.
The Haul-
2000 credit payment for bringing in Smythe alive. This breaks down to 160 each for Mycroft, Zach and Spigel, 200 for Anders, and 1220 for Lachlan. Theoretically Lachlan should spend some of that replacing Ander’s many grenades . . . but you are not going to find gas or flashbang grenades for sale anywhere here. Only smoke. And if you are going to buy yourself and anders a new ballistic vest mesh and spigel a new vac suit that is going to set you back 160 credits, and then there is the question of patching the holes on the shuttle, the labor for which is supplied by Mycroft but it still sets you back a new hull plate at 30 credits, making your actual cut 1030.
2 combat knives, 2 assault rifles, 2 security batons, a very nice wakizashi, mech kit, tech kit,
Several suits of good quality, nice linen, kitchen supplies, and some bedware and wall art placed in your passenger cabins to provide for slightly nicer accommodations.
8 weeks of high quality food (for one person)
A total of 750 credits worth of cash and random crap that you take and fence, which Lachlan declares is an even 6 way split so each crew member (Zach, Anders, Mycroft, Santana, Spigel and Lachlan) get an additional 150 credits. This includes salvage from the yacht.
300 credits (one average month worth) of parts/supplies for maintenance rolls.



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