Zacharias Duplitsky

Sharshooter. Cultured slob.


Strength 6
Alertness 4
Agility 12
Intelligence 10
Vitality 8
Willpower 4

Derived Attributes
Life Points 12
Long Haul 6+8
Burst of Strength 6+6
Memorize 10+6
Endurance 8+4
Recall 10+4
Get out of Harm’s Way 12+6
Resistance 8+8
Initiative 4+12

Dead Broke (spend 1/2 of all money)
Easy Mark -Major (-4step on telling truth from lies)
Memorable (Others have 2 Alertness to recognize me)
“Soft (
1 Stun dmage every injury and succeed Average Willpower + Discipline
to keep from weeping and wailing from wound dmg)"
Hero Worship ( -2 step trying to influence people who don’t like Cap’n)

Allure (2 step to appearance skills)
Friends in High Places (1plot point/session to secure loans or favors)
Highly Educated (
2 Intelligence on Knowledge skills)
Things go Smooth (reroll once per session except botches)
Healthy as a Horse (+2 step vitality vs ilness)

Animal Handling
Athletics 6
Dodge 12
Covert 6
Guns 6
Rifle 12
Heavy Weapons
Influence 6
Seduction 8
Knowledge 6
Mechanical Engineering*
Russian 4
Medical Expertise* 2
Melee Weapon Combat
Perception 6
Planetary Vehicles 4
Ranged Weapons
Scientific Expertise* 2
Technical Engineering* 6
Unarmed Combat

Plot Pts: 5
Total Adv Pt:
Unused: 5


Ballistic Mesh Vest (1 w torso)

Pistol (dmg 6, ROF 3(8), Range 100, Ammo 100)
Rifle, Sniper (dmg 8 ROF 3(20), Range 1k, Ammo 100)
Utility Knife (dmg 2)

Gun cleaning kit
3 sets of clothes
Range Finder
first Aid Kit
Lock picks
eLock Picks
Fancy Suit
Pocket Watch
Toiletry Kit

Zach was born to a well-to-do family on Bernadette who made their money manufacturing and selling hospital cleaning supplies. He is the youngest of 4 children (2 sisters and a brother). He was pretty much raised by nannies and boarding schools for wealthy brats. After pissing away 7 years in undergrad, changing majors 9 times, drinking and partying entirely too much and not being any closer to any kind of degree or career, his parents finally decided to cut him off. They told him to go learn what life was like “out in the real verse.” The first few months weren’t too bad. He moved in with some friends and was able to sell off his possessions (games, comics, weird collectibles) to stay afloat, but his luxurius spending could not keep up with his paltry income. He couldn’t pay his share of rent and they eventually turned him out as well. Rather than continue to face the disappointment of his family and friends he went to an “employment agency” to find work. (It was called something like Crazy Mario’s Guns for Hire.) His charm and skill with a gun landed him some bodygaurd work for a business man on a ship headed out of system. After several stops on other planets over a few months, they evenutally came to Paquin where his contract ended and he was not invited back. Zach quickly realized he didn’t know anyone or anything about the planet or how to find another job. Luckily he met Thomas Lachlan. Zach immediately recognized Lachlan’s natural leadership ability, kindness and worldly tutelage he could provide. Now he follows Lachlan unquestionably and strives to emulate him. Zach is incredibly naive to the workings of everyday. He spent the first 25 years of his life pretty much living in luxury. Servants did all his cooking and cleaning. He has never been denied any kind of toy or game, and basically lived a life of leisure. Now he’s a bit of a cultured slob. His quarters are always a mess. He’s useless in the kitchen, and often comes off as just plain ol’ lazy. But he can recite Shakespeare, critique an opera performance, and identify fine wines by just their bouquet. He has no concept of how ordinary people live and simply has a knack for making people feel poor and uncultured.

Zacharias Duplitsky

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