Lachlan Thomas

Grifter - Gambler


Born in the space between planets
Guess it doesn’t really matter which ones cause if you do the math it could be any two planets. My dad was a terraformer technician and mom a biologist, we lived everywhere first, but never stayed. Guess it was an alright childhood witnessing the rebirth of planets and moons. But you get no sense of belonging so guess that is why I keep roaming.

I was in school on Persephone when I got word my family was killed in a terrraforming accident. It was just before the Alliance tried to take control of the whole ruttin verse.

I fought with the Independence Planets with the 22nd and was injured at the Battle of Du-Khang.
After the war I drifted like so many, but I was used to drifting so I thrived.

I honed some card dexterity skills I had and took advantage of the chaos to work some small land cons. This made me some nice scratch and I liked conning those purple bellies. One way to win.
Worked my card skills up enough to get noticed by the Pit Boss of the OddEasy. Life was heading out of the black. But nothing lasts….

I find myself working small cons and some actual work to make enough money to get into a big poker game on Paquin. Maybe my luck will continue on to bigger things, for once.

Lachlan Thomas

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