Carmen Cigarra Santana

Hotshot pilot


Santana (as she is called by everyone) is a medium height, medium build dark complected hispanic woman who tends towards a short military style crop-top buzz cut. She usually wears jeans, a t-shirt and a black leather jacket with numerous pockets in which she keeps various small tools, notebooks, and an assortment of snacks. Santana has 2 different prosthetic lags- her #1 leg (worn around the ship) is obviously prosthetic and makes a funny clunking sound when she walks. It also includes a patch in to the ship’s piloting deck that allows her to use all the left leg foot controls just by thinking about it. Her #2 leg is designed to look leg a regular leg. She wears it outside the ship. BOTH legs have a compartment in which Santana hides a high density collapsible combat baton (d4B damage) which will normally show up on most scanners as a part of her leg.


Santana was born on the Planet Hera to a fairly poor family of farmers. Determined not to grow up as a poor farmer, she applied herself to her studies and worked hard to join Alliance ROTC courses. She left secondary school and immediately joined the alliance, with the intention of one day becoming a ship’s pilot.
Six years later found Carmen as a junior officer (Ensign) and pilot trainee on a small Alliance cruiser. She was prepared to sign up for a permanent slot with the Alliance around the time the war for independence broke out.
Santana’s entire family was Browncoat, both by location (Hera) and by temperament (Fiercely independent). Realizing that if she stayed with the alliance she may well have to start shooting at her own family, she applied for and was granted an honorable discharge.
While she never joined the Independents per se, she did find herself working as a pilot for an independent merchant who shipped food and other supplies to the main independent outposts. Theoretically she was on supply ships that should not have been shot at, but theory in war don’t matter much, and near the end of the war Alliance forces shot down the ship she was piloting. The crash took out most of Carmen’s left leg (she wears a metal prosthetic) and soured her against the alliance forever.
Santana’s motivations are simple- she wants to get paid and she sends the money back to her family. She is never happier than when she is flying a ship, and when the ship is in dock it can be harder than alliance armored plating to get her to leave. When she does leave she is most comortable in areas with not many people and access to whiskey.

Carmen Cigarra Santana

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