Anders Bartok

Gun hand


Well, not really much to say about my life before the war. I kicked around a bit, took some work as muscle for some local bosses. Had a bit of a bad go of it with an Alliance supporter, and headed out to Hera to join up with the Independents.

Like everyone I guess, I came in a buck private in the infantry. Well, after training and a couple of skirmishes I got noticed and assigned to special duty. Seems they needed people with my special talents to go behind Alliance lines and capture info on troop movements, supply routes, and such. That was a good gig, I learned a lot of skills that paid off in spades later after the war. I worked that gig the rest of the war. Ended up a top sergeant by the time the war ended. Shame it went down that way, but the Alliance had the money and the numbers, so I guess it was just a matter of when, not if…

After the war there was no more future in soldierin’, so it was time to start over. There was a lot of us down an’ out Browncoats around the Rim, and some was starting up operations of different sorts. I had some contacts from the war, skills from infiltratin’ the Alliance, and experience as mine muscle, so with all of that I had no trouble findin’ work around the edges of the Alliance. I went from bodyguardin’, to enforcement, to courier runs.

Last job, though, that was a real stinker, and a hell of a way to ruin a gao guhn career. It ended bloody and public. Now, naturally I was in disguise, but there ain’t no way not to have left enough evidence behind that Core worlds forensic tech has to find something. Next little while, I try another job in the Core and I’ll be lit up like a gorram Christmas tree by all the security protocols.

So now that career’s just so much jetwash, I believe I need to head on out to the Rim and lay low for a bit. I reckon I’ll kick around out in the black and see some of the ass end of human settlements for a while, let things cool down some. May be I’ll bump into someone I knew from the war and take some work, something small and quiet. For now.

Anders Bartok

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