Chancing the 'Verse

Episode three

Family Fued (part 1)

Episode Three- Family Feud Part I
Two days before the crew is to land on Newhall they get a disturbing quick comm from Jersey Bob. Vincent Garibaldi, the intended recipient of the shipment, has passed away. Bob says the new plan is to give the case to whichever Garibaldi kid is the new CEO of the Garibaldi business. That should be made plain in the estate settlement. In the meantime, talk to Violetta, the eldest daughter. She is the one who got all the common sense, according to Bob.
As soon as the Hsigo lands on New Murano the Hsigo is approached by Chief Raphael Canzo, the Chief of police of New Murano. He welcomes them and lays down a few rules. Lachlan is then approached by a very prim and professional young lady who introduces herself as Alexis Plonk. She is with a security guard named Otis Cage, who is screaming ‘natural born killer’. Alexis is nice enough and requests that the captain and his chosen ship representatives have a meeting with Violetta Garibaldi.
The group goes to the home of Violetta Garibaldi and after some excellent wine and cheese Violetta, a stunningly beautiful Italian woman who could be any age from 35 to 55 comes in and tells the crew her story.
Her father is (was) Vincent Garibaldi, CEO and Owner of the Business known as Blue Ice Interstellar Inc., a company whose primary business is the shipping of water and machinery used to extract and purify water. Vincent had three children- Violetta (oldest), Eduardo (eddie) and Micheal (youngest). Throughout his life he raised his children to all be real cutthroat bastards. He changed his will almost monthly, leaving his estate to one son or the other with alarming regularity (following the patriarchal tradition, he never left his estate to his daughter, but always left her with a tidy sum to live on). At the time of this incident, the prevalent document left as his will named Eduardo as the inheritor of his estate.
Last week Vincent was admitted into the hospital for complications caused by a lifelong congenital lung disease. Things looked bad, and quickly. Violetta was at her fathers side, along with his oldest friend and estate executor, a lawyer named Kaine Caldwell.
According to Violetta, in the last hours of his life while in sound mind and body Vincent declared to his lawyer (with Violetta and the Doctor as witnesses) that he was now going to leave 40% interest to Eduardo and 40% interest to Micheal and 20% interest to Violetta, with Violetta named as the CEO of the company. He even signed the document, which Caldwell notarized and then left with. He has not been seen since. Garibaldi died shortly therafter.
Eduardo refuses to believe that the document exists. In fact he (or someone associated with him) is apparently spreading rumors that Violetta and Caldwell killed Vincent off and forged this alleged new document. Micheal is willing to believe it exists but has disappeared. Violetta requests the crew’s help in locating the new will, if possible. Since there is a question about the estate it has been put by law into probate for 30 days. After that if no new will is found the old will declaring Eduardo inheritor will fall into place.
Violetta convinces Captain Thomas to assist her by assuring him that they are not going to be able to continue their journey until the issues are solved. She supplies the crew with phone numbers to Alexis and a local detective named Lynwood Peele and a credit card for expenses.
What follows over the next thirty six hours is a series of investigations in different areas of the city. The Doctor completes a side job for Jersey Bob and discovers that Doctor Volfen, the witness to the will, has called in sick and cannot be found. Thomas and Mycroft and Zach check in to Giacomo’s Comet. They contact Lynwood Peele who helps them get an overview of what has happened. They look at Doctor Volfen’s home, finding clear evidence that someone tranq’ed him and took him away. They visit DaVinci’s Roost and ply Baldi Baldini for info. They go to bed intent on continuing the next morning. Or should I say everybody goes to bad but Zach, who manages to find a pretty local lady and lay on the charm. Succeeding in several vitality roles makes for a long, long night for good old Zach Duplitsky and his new friend, Penelope Broadback.
Next morning finds the crew meeting at the law offices of Cauldwell, Smythe, Walpole and Wickersham. They meet and speak to Mr. Wickersham. Mr. Wickersham reports that the night of the death of Garibaldi he has heard (from Mr. Walpole, who was there at the time) that Kaine Cauldwell walked back into the office and reported to him that he had a new garibaldi will. He went into his office, made one phone call, came back out after a few minutes and told Walpole he was going to the undertakers. (Mycroft hacks into Kaine’s system and quickly discovers that Kaine made a copy of something, presumably the will, before he left, but the copy and all traces of it were removed 5 hours later by someone in the office under an anonymous tracecode. He also traced the one phone call made by Kaine to the Undertaker’s offices, owned by Thaddeus Grimm).
The crew walked over to Grimm Brothers Funeral services. There they talked to Thaddeus Grimm, proprietor, who told them that Kaine stopped by for a few minutes the day he disappeared to talk to him about funeral and service arrangements. He then said he was heading home and left on foot. He had a briefcase and a set of keys with him.
The crew decides to split into pairs and canvas the streets to see if anyone saw anything interesting. After several credits pass hands they discover a couple of kids (forever more after known as Rowdy and his little sister the ternal booger picker) who claim to have seen ‘The biggest chinee man we ever saw, mister, all dressed in a big fur coat, and a pretty black woman ride up in a mule, pull out a gun and take that mister fancy pants lawyer feller out of the street into their mule and then drive away.’ Several of the players remember seeing the Chinese man and finally realize it was back at DaVinci’s roost.
They head back to DaVinci’s roost and realize that the Chinese man (who is not there) is part of the crew of the one other foreign transport on this rock – The Cheetah Class transport named Jasper Sun. The Captain of the Jasper Sun is Captain Don Lee, who is also the guitar player that had played with Spigel the night before. He arrives at the bar shortly after the players do and sits with the rest of his crew, who consist of the Ship medic (the Black woman who took part in Kaine’s disappearance), a non-descript man named Pete and the ships mechanic, a beautiful yong lady named Charity Fletcher who happily flirts with Zach for awhile and takes some of his money throwing Darts.
The crew of the Jasper sun gets up to leave. Lachlan does some fancy sleight of hand and plants a bug on the medic. The crew of the Hsigo follows behind the crew of the Jasper sun, listening in. It quickly becomes apparent that the crew of the Jasper Sun is leaving because they have been asked to ‘kill the package’, and it seems Captain Lee refused to kill an unarmed prisoner, so the people who hired him took the package away and Lee wants to get out of dodge. While this conversation is going on Mycroft calls Alexis Plonk and asks her to lock down the Japser sun. She does this.
Both crews enter the airport. Negotiations between Lee and Thomas, the two ships captains, ensue. Lee agrees to tell Thomas who hired him if he is allowed to go now. Thomas agrees. Lee says he was paid by (and delivered Cauldwell to) the Salazar brothers, Fast Jimmy (a known forger) and Bennie (a second story man). While he was paid by them, he is quite sure they are not smart enough to be the head guys. Lynwood says he knows exactly where the Salazars hole up, and is willing to bet that the will and/or Kaine might be with them.
Captain lee and his crew are allowed to leave as sirens come up to the airport. Lee shakes hands with Lachlan, assuring him that he owes Thomas and his crew a drink if ever they should cross paths again.
The crew prepares to go after the Salazar brothers, knowing full well that if they want to find out who is behind all this they have to be taken alive.



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