Chancing the 'Verse

Episode Four

Family Feud part II

Episode Four- Family Feud Part II
The Crew of the Hsigo, having learned that the Salazar brothers were implicated in the kidnapping of Kaine Cauldwell and the possible forging of a new will, made plans to pay the brothers a visit in building 26 of the Takeshi Towers West in New Murano. Zach brought the rifle, Mycroft brought the repairman uniform, Spigel brought his medkit, Lachlan brought the pretty white bonnet, some canned goods and some gas masks and Anders (suddenly awakening from a VERY long shift on guard duty) brought grenades. Plenty of Grenades.
The group carefully approaches the low rent tower district, cognizant of the fact that they are going to have to take at least one (and preferably both) of the Salazar brothers alive. ‘Lachlan-in-disguise’ and ‘Mycroft-in-disguise-sort-of’ both attempt to make entry but are initially thwarted by young ruffians in the stairwell who will not let them pass. Mycroft continues to show that diplomacy is NOT in his retinue of skills. Anders and Spigel draw nigh. Lachlan confirms that he loves the feel of a pretty white bonnet. Weapons are drawn and negotiations take place. Finally for a nominal fee the three ruffians leave. Locks are picked. Mycroft gains access to the electrical and security crawlspace in the building. The rest go to the third floor and wait for Mycroft to kill the power to room 305 (the Salazar brothers room). This he does, but when Anders goes to open the door he finds it barred. He tentatively continues to hold the (pin-pulled) grenade. Commotion in the room abounds. One Salazar brother attempts to climb out the window and make an alley getaway. He makes the unfortunate decision to run directly at Zach, who blows his kneecap into the deep black abyss. Much screaming ensues. The other Salazar brother (Jimmy) is not to be found right now. People switch position. Spigel eventually makes his way downstairs to bind a wound. Mycroft leaves the crawlspace. Anders heads downstairs then decides to climb upstairs. Lachlan attempts to negotiate through the door. Zach secures a very bloody prisoner. Santana warns of impending policemen.
Anders enters the salazar’s room and finds an open bolt hole that leads to the adjoining building. He follows. In the meantime Zach and Spigel make their way to the mule, carrying Benny Salazar, who is now unconscious.
Lachlan, dressed in pretty floral bonnet, enters the ground floor of building 28, looking to help Anders, who is two floors above. He is almost shot by a big Redneck buttscratcher named Rufous. But he turns on the lady-like wiles and charms both rufous and his wife, getting information and a biscuit recipe from them.
Anders fails to find Jimmy Salazar but does recover his forger’s briefcase. He tracks Jimmy to the rooftop, but from there the trail goes missing. By then the police have arrived and everyone scatters or hides until the police are gone.
Spigel patches up Benny Salazar back at the ship and then interrogates him, getting him to confess that Smythe (of the law offices) is the man who hired him and his brother and that they handed both Doctor Volfen and Kaine Caldwell off to Smythe. Salazar also reveals the location of a warehouse where they usually meet Smythe.
Everyone goes back to the ship. There is an exchange of info. Lachlan and Anders and Zach go to the warehouse and find the bodies of Kaine Caldwell and Doctor Volfen, both killed execution style. Santana finds a camera feed to the warehouse in question. Mycroft then makes an insanely high roll to hack into the camera security feed and finds evidence that Smythe AND his partner Walpole entered the warehouse with Cauldwell in tow. Two shots followed and then Walpole and Kaine are seen on camera leaving.
Mycroft breaks into briefcase, finding the missing will, having been messed with just enough by Salazar that it would likely have been considered a forgery
With an ever increasing heap of evidence and a recovered will Lachlan and Anders go to Violetta Garibaldi and share their information with her. She interrupts them politely on a couple of occasions, setting her people into motion.
At the end of the long conversation she thanks the crew for having recovered the will and found out the murderer of Kaine Cauldwell. During the conversation she had associates visit the homes of Walpole and Smythe. Walpole had killed himself already. Smythe had fled in his space yacht. Violetta informs the crew that their job here is done and she will be happy to live up to her end of the bargain. However, she has an alternate offer for the party. She had a tracking devise placed on every private ship in the space port when Cauldwell went missing. That included Smythe’s 50 ton space yacht. It is still planetside, located on a small island outside of her forces jurisdiction, about 500 miles away. Violetta would like to speak to Mr. Smythe. She offers the crew the opportunity to go and apprehend him, offering 2000 credits for him brought in alive and half that for proof of his demise. Captain Thomas and Anders agree to the job.



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