Chancing the 'Verse

Episode Seven
Get Your Goat

Episode Seven- Get Your Goat
Jersey Bob contacts Captain Thomas and tells him he knows of a man who would like something discreetly transported. Bob doesn’t have an available person to do it so for 3% off the top of the job payment he will put Thomas in touch with the man. Lachlan agrees and is introduced, at the Turnpike, to Doctor Carter Bookman. Bookman wants 60 goats transported to St. Albans from Persephone. These are special goats- genetically engineered to be tough enough to live on the ever frigid world of St Albans, to live off lichens and mosses and provide a sustainable source of meat and milk for the planetary inhabitants. If this first batch manages to be successful it could change the nature of life on the planet and make a genetic engineer like him rich. But before he sinks too much time and money into the goats he needs to know they can live.
The goats have been approved by authorities on Persephone and by authorities on St Albans. But because they are GMO they have not yet been approved for interplanetary space travel and it might take months to get that permitting from local alliance officials. Bookman wants the Hsigo to burn to Persephone (12 day standard burn) pick up the goats (1 day) hard burn 7 days to Anson’s world and unload. If they presumably return the 4 days back to Paquin it would be a total of a 24 day round trip. Bookman is willing to pay you 2000 credits for doing the job with a 500 credit bonus if every goat arrives alive and healthy. (But Lachlan

A few catches-
1. The goats cannot be tranquilized or frozen. They are too resistant to both. So the crew is going to need to have (or hire) someone who is good at animal handling, preferably a veterinarian.
2. The goats can stay in the cargo area and will be sent with enough food that is appealing enough to the goats that they shouldn’t get into any trouble, but because they are GMO for cold temperatures the cargo hold will need to be kept below 50 degrees at all times. This will mean some jury rigged ductwork and some sweaters for the crew.
3. The goats have to get there alive and in good health. Bookman will give you 500 up front for fuel and expenses but if the goats don’t get there alive you will get nothing more from him. You get paid after the vet on St. Albans clears the goats as healthy.
4. The goats have permits certifying them as legal and healthy. What they lack is certified travel papers. Avoid any alliance ships. They would confiscate every animal immediately.

The pay on this job is pretty darn good and the captain agrees to it quickly enough. His crew needs work, after all, and how hard can moving goats be, although he himself notes that his entire experience with a goat consisted of small parts of one on the end of a fork.
Most of the crew starts making mods on the ship to accommodate goats in the cargo hold. While Santana and Zack accompany the Captain on his quest to hire a veterinarian. Dr. Bolyn Hall comes highly recommended and quickly shows Lachlan that she knows her work and is not afraid, with proper compensation, to do a job that might not sit well with the Alliance authorities. They agree to leave for Persephone the following morning.
Bolyn moves into one of the passenger rooms. The crew has an uneventful 12 day burn to Persephone, then they land at Eavesdown Docks to drop off a little cargo. They pick up six miners who want steerage quarters back to St. Albans and then they jump to the arctic area of Persephone to pick up the goats.
Santana, who grew up on a farm, has to be dragged back to the pilot seat to take off. She wants a pet goat now.
The ship passes through the first three days of the seven day hard burn to St. Albans quietly passing the time shoveling goat shit. In the middle of the sleep shift about ½ way to their destination everyone is wrenched violently awake when the ship begins to lurch as if someone is trying to turn it in hard burn. That is because someone is. When the crew members get to the pilot deck doors they look inside to see one of the miners, Harlan Hobbs, sitting at the controla. Another miner and Santana are knocked out nearby and the door has been wedged shut with a sheet of metal.
Mycroft and Lachlan both go to shut down the ship while Zack and Anders start trying to break open the door. In the meantime Spigel puts on a vac suit.
The ship is shut down and the door is opened and a brawl with a crazed miner ensues. It takes four crew members and a lot of bruising to take Hobbs down but eventually it happens. He is maniacal and feels no pain. Once taken down the spigel and hall both look him over. Spigel realizes pretty quickly that he has a case of Cuan Jan Fe, or space rage, a highly contagious brain affecting virus that most people are immunized for as children.
His presence on the ship means the ship is infected. By lucky chance all of the crew is immunized but some of the other miners are not. Hall and Spigel simulate a watered down version of the immunization for the miners. Plans are discussed about how to disinfect the ship and there is a fear (ends up being unfounded) that perhaps the goats are susceptible.
In the end the crew freezes up the ship for awhile, which is supposed to kill the virus, disinfects the ship and drops the goats off. Then Santana and Mycroft take the ship into space and open her up to insure no more virus. Then they anonymously report the outbreak to alliance authorities.
Mycroft exits the ship upon landing after decontamination and encoutners a woman he does not recognize but who sure recognizes him.
‘Major, Mycroft, my god you are alive! I was sure you must have been killed in that explosion on Gamma Base Six! How are you and what the hell are you doing here?’
The woman, whose name is Doctor Nang Sun Hyi (aka Sunny) claims to be an old associate of Mycrofts from a time he cannot remember anymore. She also claims that a company named Zephyr industries has stolen his plans for a machine that can identify potential telepathic ability and either enhance it or destroy it.
In the meantime, the crew gets paid and afterwards returns to Paquin, with Mycrift rapidly obsessing about the need to get his plans back from Zephyr industries. Lachlan drops a little money in a card game and makes an uncharacteristically wise decision to NOT put his ship up against another ship in a game of five card draw.
Everyone got 2 plot points and two advancement points for this game.

Episode Six
Ricco's Folly

Episode Six- Ricco’s Folly
(This Episode was two short game sessions)
The crew takes their leave of New Murano after finally dropping off the last small package, refueling and picking up a ship full of old mining gear and scrap metal. Violetta thanks the crew for their perserverance and assistance and assures them that they will be on her list of associates who are able to do a job discretely. As long as grenades are discreet.
An uneventful five day burn gives the crew time to rest up and think about their time on New Murano. Half way to Beaumonde the Crew gets a comm from Jersey Bob. His nephew Ricco has been working with a survey crew on Beaumonde and has just arrived at the small town of Oak Creek, where Bob has directed him to stay put until he is picked up. He sends the coordinates.
The crew first land in the thriving Spaceport of West Delos. This City is typical Beamonde- industrialized to the max, with the air so thick of smog and particulates you could chew your way through it and not need breakfast. It takes only a few hours to off load your cargo to the proper authorities and get airborne again, and most of you are pretty happy to have done so.
Your second destination on Beaumonde is literally on the other side of the world, and the several hour ride finds you landing near evening at the small mining town of Oakcreek. It would be hard to find a community that contrasts more with West Delos than Oak Creek does. The grassy plains surrounding the high mesa that stands next to Oakcreek are very reminiscent of the open lands of Kansas and Nebraska of earth that was. The town, which serves as home to around 600 people, consists of 2 saloons, 1 general mercantile store, 1 small schoolhouse and several apartment buildings for workers in the local mines. It exists largely because of the nearby Gibson Mine, which mines a fairly uncommon mineral called pyrophylite which is used as an insulating material.
Upon arriving planetside several members of the crew head into town . . . Santana puts in a request for a room with hot water that will not be recycled in the next shower . . . the crew in the mule is immediately approached by Ms. Kettamina Jones, the romantic pursuit of Mr. Ricco Tatagliani. She has been informed by Ricco that you are coming and wants you to know that he is now in jail. She wants to be sure that you understand . . . she and Ricco are completely as pure and innocent as the new fallen snow.
The crew splits up after dismissing Ms. Jones. Anders follows her just to keep tabs. Lachlan and others go straight to the sheriffs office. There they speak to Sheriff Samuel Landry. He is a true old west straight shooter and in between chaw spits he lets you know this . . .
Two days ago Ricco and his girlfriend, Kettamina Jones, were in the ‘Golden Key Saloon’ and drinking it up. Ricco saw a man in the bar eyeball his girlfriend and started a fight. Unfortunately the man in question was Kyle Gibson, the son of Grant Gibson, the owner of the Gibson mine and the wealthiest man in town. Kyle is also a deputy sheriff. He pretty easily knocked down Ricco. So Ricco got up and pulled out a knife as Kyle drew a baton. There is some difference of opinion as to who pulled out their weapon (or their badge) first. In the fight that ensued Kyle was stabbed (a fairly minor wound) and Ricco was knocked out and thrown in jail. Currently he is awaiting the arrival of the circuit court judge who will determine a sentence. It is likely to be several years in prison at this point.
The group spends the next day doing various and sundry stuff and scoping out the town. They question folks. Spigel visits the Gibson house and asks Kyle Gibson if he wants to spar the next day. They make an appointment. Lachlan spends quality time (and expends a few credits) with the town drunk, Otis. Otis witnessed the fight and is about as useful as nipples on a billy goat as far as a witness goes. Folks do some background checking on the Gibson family, looking for blackmail material, but get very little if anything.
The crew is throwing around ideas that afternoon. They go to the sheriff’s office again and suddenly are made privy to the information that Kyle Gibson’s sister, Delilah, and her friend Sarah were taking a coach ride through the neighboring abandoned town of Steaming Rock when they were ambushed by a gang of escaped Mental patients led by the Byerly brothers. The Byerly brothers, Luke and Steve, are the only surviving citizens of the reaver raid that destroyed Steaming rock. They survived by locking themselves in the sheriff’s jail cells and watching while the Gorram reavers tortured, raped and ate all of their friends and family (not always in that order) The trauma of seeing this and living through it was too much for them and they were sent to a mental hospital back in west delos. Apparently they escaped a month ago and have some of their fellow whak-job patients with them. According to the last cell transmit by the coach driver, Wade, the boys ambushed the coach and the ladies ran into the bank. The call ended with some gunshots and wade making some gurgling noises . . . you assume Wade didn’t make it. It is possible, if they got into the bank vault and managed to close it, that the girls are still alive. They won’t be for long.
Only a fast ship will get the cavalry to the rescue on time, and the crew happens to have the only fast ship in town. Sheriff Landry deputizes the crew, who agree to help out if Gibson drops the charges against Ricco.
The end of this session found the crew speeding off to steaming rock. The next session picked up with the crew coming in fast over Steaming Rock. A couple of men with assault rifles are on buildings, firing off at anything that moves. A very withdrawn woman with a large teddy bear is standing in the middle of the road. The Hsigo lands long enough to let the crew out in one mule and the sheriff and his deputies out in another mule. Then she sees an armed alliance medi vac ship (200 tons) coming in hot. Apparently at least one of the escaped loonies knew how to pilot and the Byerly and their crew stole a ride. Unfortunately it is a reasonably well armed and armored ride, coming in to engage with the Hsigo, whose weaponry is non existent. Santana takes off to lead it away from the town. Lachlan tells Zack to stay with the Hsigo, but he jumps ship and follows the rest of the crew.

While the deputies lay down some suppressing fire the crew makes their way around the bank, where the ladies are hopefully still alive. Mycroft applies some scrapper gel to one side of the bank. Lachlan goes to the other. Anders gets into position and snipes a psycho off a nearby roof. Sheriff Landry and Doc Spigel climb into an adjacent building window and are attacked by a knife wielding Wei Shan loony bitch. The good doctor takes a knife in the shoulder and dodges aside to allow the sheriff to take out the lady. Anders gets into a shooting match with another psychotic f’ne zse and trades flesh wounds. Zack comes up and helps out by knocking out the troublesome feller.

Meanwhile the woman with the Teddy bear has been wandering towards the bank and refuses to stop approaching the deputies. One of the deputies, convinced for some reason that the wei shian dohn woo teddy bear is a bomb, finally shoots her in the leg. She hits the ground and, surprise, the teddy bear blows up, killing her. But it does not end there. Explosions begin rocking the town, blowing up the church, the sheriffs office, and the doctors office. All hell is breaking loose.

Lachlan gets into a brief shootout with a man in an adjacent building. The man disappears and comes running out of the back door, getting knocked out by Anders for his trouble. In the meantime the scrapper gel has cut a new door in the bank and Mycroft and a deputy remove the new door.

Inside the bank awaits the Byerly brothers, one of them armed with a Pneumatic bolt gun. He spears Zack with a 6 inch spike fired at high velocity. Zach hits the ground crying like a Baby, but not before he and the sheriff take out a byerly brother. The other one chucks a grenade in the alley and fun times are had by all diving for cover. When the rubble finishes falling the crew and the deputies converge on the bank again, with Lachlan having made a second door in the other side of the bank. The bank becomes a shooting gallery as the big damn heroes finally take down the last Byerly brother.

The crew confirms that the two missing ladies are locked in the vault. While Mycroft prepares to crack the safe open and Kyle comforts his sister through the door, most of the rest of the crew secure the town. The final toll; 2 loonies captured, 6 dead, 2 escaped, and one completely destroyed teddy bear. Two townspeople killed by the loonies. The two escapees were, according to the prisoners, the suicidal maniac who was piloting the medivac and a midget explosives expert who was the one who blew up the town. Little man loved to burn stuff.

The crew return back to Oak Rock with the rescued ladies and the bodies of the townsfolk and the loonies. The prisoners are thrown in jail. The town Doctor tends to the crew (except Spigel, who is not going to let some backcountry quack stick a band aid on him.). Plenty of folks in Oak Creek want to buy the crew drinks and raise a glass for their assistance.

The next morning despite his injured shoulder the doctor still agrees to spar Gibson, and the grieving town seems to take a delight in making a public spectacle out of it. Bets are placed with odds heavily in favor of Gibson. Two overconfident martial artists enter, one left. It was Gibson. The Doctor takes a very brief nap and the crew loses out on some cash covering bets.

Part of the deal for Jersey Bob was that Ms. Kettamina Jones was not to return to Paquin. Zack shows his skills and a decided lack of venereal fear by seducing Ms. Jones (who seduces him right back) and some audio recording of him bumping uglies with Kettamina seals the deal for Ricco, who is released into the crew’s care and who take off from planetside in a hurry.

The crew heads back for the 20 day burn to Paquin. Mycroft makes his maintenance role. The crew has a relatively uneventful trip back, giving them all the chance to heal their injuries and listen to endless bullshit stories of Ricco’s obviously made up escapades.

Upon landing Jersey Bob welcomes everyone, gives you incredibly expensive Brandy and signs over the Hsigo to Lachlan. A toast is raised ceremoniously. The ship, for all intents and purposes, is now all yours,” Bob says to Lachlan. “Treat her well and maybe she won’t blow up in deep space.”

Lachlan sighs. In relief. And in Anxiety. Oh for the life of a Captain.

A SIDE JOB THAT INVOLVES A CANNON. (Not really an episode, just a side Job)

The Captain, who is now the proud individual owner of a shiny new spacecraft . . . er, make that a rusty old spacecraft with a decent paint job. . . suddenly finds himself in need of some decent work. He has had to refill the fuel tanks and pay Carmen. Money don’t grow on trees. Unfortunately nothing comes up for two weeks and the job available the next week is mostly busy work so the Captain takes a pass. Finally a bit of a job comes up in the form of Marcus Cole, co-owner of a small salvage yard called Cole Steel Salvage approaches the Captain. He wants the quickest trip possible to Greenleaf, explaining that he just received a wire that his brother and sister in law were killed in a vehicle crash and he is theoretically in charge of gathering up his 2 nephews. He wants you to take him via a fast burn (2 day trip) to Greenleaf then return him and his nephews here (normal burn would be 3 days and take less gas).

The hitch is this- he can’t pay you in cashy money, as he is short. Instead he can pay you with a really big cannon and the materials to put it on your ship. This is 1d8 vehicle scale cannon. It is essentially a gun that can rotate 120 degrees and fires 2 pound bullets. The gun itself is worth close to 2k brand new, 1.5k refurbished, but it comes with fully permitted paperwork, making it totally legal for your ship (this easy adds 500 credits in value).
Given the frustrating lack of firepower on the ship Lachlan decides to take the job despite the lack of cash. The job goes off without a hitch. The crew picks up three passengers on the way back from Greenleaf. Two are Opera singers returning to Paquin who take up the two single rooms and regale the crew with vocal performances, paying 75 credits each (150 total) in fees for the trip. A third passenger, a merchant out of Persephone named James Midas , paid only 50 credits for the double room because he supplied the crew with a variety of fresh produce, most notably 3 50 pound sacks of potatoes that Zack serves herb roasted, twice baked and/or thinly sliced with some damn fancy soy glaze or another on ‘em. Lachlan, you got 200 credits in passenger fees but need to cross off another months’ supplies, another months ship upkeep (but most of that was spent grounded so figure only ½ cost for maintenance assuming Mycroft makes his maintenance role) and one more month salary for Santana.

Episode Five
Lighthouse Mayhem

The crew boards their transport shuttle and proceeds with all haste to Delany island, where stands the replica lighthouse that Smythe has taken temporary refuge in. Patched in to the satellite feed of the island, they see the guards fueling up the space yacht as a groundskeeper tends to the garden boxes. They formulate a plan and go in hot, with Santana dropping off the crew and taking back to the air in a hurry as the transport is fired upon from the lighthouse building. Tian Fuhn Di Fu happens. Zach takes up a cover fire position, as does Anders, while Lachlan and Spigel and Mycroft try to board the yacht. Some lock troubles ensue at the main hatch door, but the top hatch is finally opened by Lachlan as more fire is exchanged between the crew and an unseen rifleman in the lighthouse. Lachlan drops in to the ship. A smoke grenade goes off inside the ship, causing much confusion. Lachlan exchanges fire with one of the security guards, finally almost grappling with him. He ends up quite thankful he brought a bulletproof vest when he takes two to the chest but returns fire good enuf to drop the very well-armed mall cop. Mycroft, in the meantime, finds the ventilation system, jets the smoke out and takes a couple pieces of the ships engine out that will make it kinda hard to go anywhere.
While Lachlan, Spigel and Mycroft secure the ship anders approached the lighthouse cautiously. Zack has fun shooting out lots of windows and offering pro bono legal advice. Anders call some of the crew up to him as he enters the house and engages in a little exercise we are calling ‘fun with grenades’, smoking out the house’s individual rooms pretty well. Lachlan makes his way to the basement door as Anders searches the bedroom and manages to find a Chinese Valet with a serious attitude problem and razor sharp shuriken. Anders also takes two to the chest and in return turns the chinaman’s head into a canoe. Smythe makes a run for it out the backdoor and surprises (and is surprised by) Lachlan. He gives Lachlan a cut to remember and then Lachlan reminds him why you should not bring a knife to a gunfight, peppering the man’s legs with buckshot. Smythe hits the ground crying like a little girl. In fact he cries so hard that Lachlan gives him a love tap to put him out.
Much medical activity happens at that point, as both Lachlan and Anders are seriously injured. In a move of pure Jing Chai Anders sets off a booby trap and manages to live through the explosion . . . barely. More medical rolls ensue. The crew loots everything that is not bolted down. Then Mycroft removes some bolts and loots some of that to. You return to Violetta with Smythe in tow. Violetta takes possession of smythe with many thanks. She pays you for your ‘side job’ and also takes the case and refuels and loads your ship with the spare parts. She also gives the crew access to her corporate medical facility and Lachlan and Anders spend 6 days of fun filled morphine brotherhood doin a little healin’ up. That is where the crew left off- about to take off for the 5 day burn to Beaumonde and the next step of the job.
The Haul-
2000 credit payment for bringing in Smythe alive. This breaks down to 160 each for Mycroft, Zach and Spigel, 200 for Anders, and 1220 for Lachlan. Theoretically Lachlan should spend some of that replacing Ander’s many grenades . . . but you are not going to find gas or flashbang grenades for sale anywhere here. Only smoke. And if you are going to buy yourself and anders a new ballistic vest mesh and spigel a new vac suit that is going to set you back 160 credits, and then there is the question of patching the holes on the shuttle, the labor for which is supplied by Mycroft but it still sets you back a new hull plate at 30 credits, making your actual cut 1030.
2 combat knives, 2 assault rifles, 2 security batons, a very nice wakizashi, mech kit, tech kit,
Several suits of good quality, nice linen, kitchen supplies, and some bedware and wall art placed in your passenger cabins to provide for slightly nicer accommodations.
8 weeks of high quality food (for one person)
A total of 750 credits worth of cash and random crap that you take and fence, which Lachlan declares is an even 6 way split so each crew member (Zach, Anders, Mycroft, Santana, Spigel and Lachlan) get an additional 150 credits. This includes salvage from the yacht.
300 credits (one average month worth) of parts/supplies for maintenance rolls.

Episode Four
Family Feud part II

Episode Four- Family Feud Part II
The Crew of the Hsigo, having learned that the Salazar brothers were implicated in the kidnapping of Kaine Cauldwell and the possible forging of a new will, made plans to pay the brothers a visit in building 26 of the Takeshi Towers West in New Murano. Zach brought the rifle, Mycroft brought the repairman uniform, Spigel brought his medkit, Lachlan brought the pretty white bonnet, some canned goods and some gas masks and Anders (suddenly awakening from a VERY long shift on guard duty) brought grenades. Plenty of Grenades.
The group carefully approaches the low rent tower district, cognizant of the fact that they are going to have to take at least one (and preferably both) of the Salazar brothers alive. ‘Lachlan-in-disguise’ and ‘Mycroft-in-disguise-sort-of’ both attempt to make entry but are initially thwarted by young ruffians in the stairwell who will not let them pass. Mycroft continues to show that diplomacy is NOT in his retinue of skills. Anders and Spigel draw nigh. Lachlan confirms that he loves the feel of a pretty white bonnet. Weapons are drawn and negotiations take place. Finally for a nominal fee the three ruffians leave. Locks are picked. Mycroft gains access to the electrical and security crawlspace in the building. The rest go to the third floor and wait for Mycroft to kill the power to room 305 (the Salazar brothers room). This he does, but when Anders goes to open the door he finds it barred. He tentatively continues to hold the (pin-pulled) grenade. Commotion in the room abounds. One Salazar brother attempts to climb out the window and make an alley getaway. He makes the unfortunate decision to run directly at Zach, who blows his kneecap into the deep black abyss. Much screaming ensues. The other Salazar brother (Jimmy) is not to be found right now. People switch position. Spigel eventually makes his way downstairs to bind a wound. Mycroft leaves the crawlspace. Anders heads downstairs then decides to climb upstairs. Lachlan attempts to negotiate through the door. Zach secures a very bloody prisoner. Santana warns of impending policemen.
Anders enters the salazar’s room and finds an open bolt hole that leads to the adjoining building. He follows. In the meantime Zach and Spigel make their way to the mule, carrying Benny Salazar, who is now unconscious.
Lachlan, dressed in pretty floral bonnet, enters the ground floor of building 28, looking to help Anders, who is two floors above. He is almost shot by a big Redneck buttscratcher named Rufous. But he turns on the lady-like wiles and charms both rufous and his wife, getting information and a biscuit recipe from them.
Anders fails to find Jimmy Salazar but does recover his forger’s briefcase. He tracks Jimmy to the rooftop, but from there the trail goes missing. By then the police have arrived and everyone scatters or hides until the police are gone.
Spigel patches up Benny Salazar back at the ship and then interrogates him, getting him to confess that Smythe (of the law offices) is the man who hired him and his brother and that they handed both Doctor Volfen and Kaine Caldwell off to Smythe. Salazar also reveals the location of a warehouse where they usually meet Smythe.
Everyone goes back to the ship. There is an exchange of info. Lachlan and Anders and Zach go to the warehouse and find the bodies of Kaine Caldwell and Doctor Volfen, both killed execution style. Santana finds a camera feed to the warehouse in question. Mycroft then makes an insanely high roll to hack into the camera security feed and finds evidence that Smythe AND his partner Walpole entered the warehouse with Cauldwell in tow. Two shots followed and then Walpole and Kaine are seen on camera leaving.
Mycroft breaks into briefcase, finding the missing will, having been messed with just enough by Salazar that it would likely have been considered a forgery
With an ever increasing heap of evidence and a recovered will Lachlan and Anders go to Violetta Garibaldi and share their information with her. She interrupts them politely on a couple of occasions, setting her people into motion.
At the end of the long conversation she thanks the crew for having recovered the will and found out the murderer of Kaine Cauldwell. During the conversation she had associates visit the homes of Walpole and Smythe. Walpole had killed himself already. Smythe had fled in his space yacht. Violetta informs the crew that their job here is done and she will be happy to live up to her end of the bargain. However, she has an alternate offer for the party. She had a tracking devise placed on every private ship in the space port when Cauldwell went missing. That included Smythe’s 50 ton space yacht. It is still planetside, located on a small island outside of her forces jurisdiction, about 500 miles away. Violetta would like to speak to Mr. Smythe. She offers the crew the opportunity to go and apprehend him, offering 2000 credits for him brought in alive and half that for proof of his demise. Captain Thomas and Anders agree to the job.

Episode three
Family Fued (part 1)

Episode Three- Family Feud Part I
Two days before the crew is to land on Newhall they get a disturbing quick comm from Jersey Bob. Vincent Garibaldi, the intended recipient of the shipment, has passed away. Bob says the new plan is to give the case to whichever Garibaldi kid is the new CEO of the Garibaldi business. That should be made plain in the estate settlement. In the meantime, talk to Violetta, the eldest daughter. She is the one who got all the common sense, according to Bob.
As soon as the Hsigo lands on New Murano the Hsigo is approached by Chief Raphael Canzo, the Chief of police of New Murano. He welcomes them and lays down a few rules. Lachlan is then approached by a very prim and professional young lady who introduces herself as Alexis Plonk. She is with a security guard named Otis Cage, who is screaming ‘natural born killer’. Alexis is nice enough and requests that the captain and his chosen ship representatives have a meeting with Violetta Garibaldi.
The group goes to the home of Violetta Garibaldi and after some excellent wine and cheese Violetta, a stunningly beautiful Italian woman who could be any age from 35 to 55 comes in and tells the crew her story.
Her father is (was) Vincent Garibaldi, CEO and Owner of the Business known as Blue Ice Interstellar Inc., a company whose primary business is the shipping of water and machinery used to extract and purify water. Vincent had three children- Violetta (oldest), Eduardo (eddie) and Micheal (youngest). Throughout his life he raised his children to all be real cutthroat bastards. He changed his will almost monthly, leaving his estate to one son or the other with alarming regularity (following the patriarchal tradition, he never left his estate to his daughter, but always left her with a tidy sum to live on). At the time of this incident, the prevalent document left as his will named Eduardo as the inheritor of his estate.
Last week Vincent was admitted into the hospital for complications caused by a lifelong congenital lung disease. Things looked bad, and quickly. Violetta was at her fathers side, along with his oldest friend and estate executor, a lawyer named Kaine Caldwell.
According to Violetta, in the last hours of his life while in sound mind and body Vincent declared to his lawyer (with Violetta and the Doctor as witnesses) that he was now going to leave 40% interest to Eduardo and 40% interest to Micheal and 20% interest to Violetta, with Violetta named as the CEO of the company. He even signed the document, which Caldwell notarized and then left with. He has not been seen since. Garibaldi died shortly therafter.
Eduardo refuses to believe that the document exists. In fact he (or someone associated with him) is apparently spreading rumors that Violetta and Caldwell killed Vincent off and forged this alleged new document. Micheal is willing to believe it exists but has disappeared. Violetta requests the crew’s help in locating the new will, if possible. Since there is a question about the estate it has been put by law into probate for 30 days. After that if no new will is found the old will declaring Eduardo inheritor will fall into place.
Violetta convinces Captain Thomas to assist her by assuring him that they are not going to be able to continue their journey until the issues are solved. She supplies the crew with phone numbers to Alexis and a local detective named Lynwood Peele and a credit card for expenses.
What follows over the next thirty six hours is a series of investigations in different areas of the city. The Doctor completes a side job for Jersey Bob and discovers that Doctor Volfen, the witness to the will, has called in sick and cannot be found. Thomas and Mycroft and Zach check in to Giacomo’s Comet. They contact Lynwood Peele who helps them get an overview of what has happened. They look at Doctor Volfen’s home, finding clear evidence that someone tranq’ed him and took him away. They visit DaVinci’s Roost and ply Baldi Baldini for info. They go to bed intent on continuing the next morning. Or should I say everybody goes to bad but Zach, who manages to find a pretty local lady and lay on the charm. Succeeding in several vitality roles makes for a long, long night for good old Zach Duplitsky and his new friend, Penelope Broadback.
Next morning finds the crew meeting at the law offices of Cauldwell, Smythe, Walpole and Wickersham. They meet and speak to Mr. Wickersham. Mr. Wickersham reports that the night of the death of Garibaldi he has heard (from Mr. Walpole, who was there at the time) that Kaine Cauldwell walked back into the office and reported to him that he had a new garibaldi will. He went into his office, made one phone call, came back out after a few minutes and told Walpole he was going to the undertakers. (Mycroft hacks into Kaine’s system and quickly discovers that Kaine made a copy of something, presumably the will, before he left, but the copy and all traces of it were removed 5 hours later by someone in the office under an anonymous tracecode. He also traced the one phone call made by Kaine to the Undertaker’s offices, owned by Thaddeus Grimm).
The crew walked over to Grimm Brothers Funeral services. There they talked to Thaddeus Grimm, proprietor, who told them that Kaine stopped by for a few minutes the day he disappeared to talk to him about funeral and service arrangements. He then said he was heading home and left on foot. He had a briefcase and a set of keys with him.
The crew decides to split into pairs and canvas the streets to see if anyone saw anything interesting. After several credits pass hands they discover a couple of kids (forever more after known as Rowdy and his little sister the ternal booger picker) who claim to have seen ‘The biggest chinee man we ever saw, mister, all dressed in a big fur coat, and a pretty black woman ride up in a mule, pull out a gun and take that mister fancy pants lawyer feller out of the street into their mule and then drive away.’ Several of the players remember seeing the Chinese man and finally realize it was back at DaVinci’s roost.
They head back to DaVinci’s roost and realize that the Chinese man (who is not there) is part of the crew of the one other foreign transport on this rock – The Cheetah Class transport named Jasper Sun. The Captain of the Jasper Sun is Captain Don Lee, who is also the guitar player that had played with Spigel the night before. He arrives at the bar shortly after the players do and sits with the rest of his crew, who consist of the Ship medic (the Black woman who took part in Kaine’s disappearance), a non-descript man named Pete and the ships mechanic, a beautiful yong lady named Charity Fletcher who happily flirts with Zach for awhile and takes some of his money throwing Darts.
The crew of the Jasper sun gets up to leave. Lachlan does some fancy sleight of hand and plants a bug on the medic. The crew of the Hsigo follows behind the crew of the Jasper sun, listening in. It quickly becomes apparent that the crew of the Jasper Sun is leaving because they have been asked to ‘kill the package’, and it seems Captain Lee refused to kill an unarmed prisoner, so the people who hired him took the package away and Lee wants to get out of dodge. While this conversation is going on Mycroft calls Alexis Plonk and asks her to lock down the Japser sun. She does this.
Both crews enter the airport. Negotiations between Lee and Thomas, the two ships captains, ensue. Lee agrees to tell Thomas who hired him if he is allowed to go now. Thomas agrees. Lee says he was paid by (and delivered Cauldwell to) the Salazar brothers, Fast Jimmy (a known forger) and Bennie (a second story man). While he was paid by them, he is quite sure they are not smart enough to be the head guys. Lynwood says he knows exactly where the Salazars hole up, and is willing to bet that the will and/or Kaine might be with them.
Captain lee and his crew are allowed to leave as sirens come up to the airport. Lee shakes hands with Lachlan, assuring him that he owes Thomas and his crew a drink if ever they should cross paths again.
The crew prepares to go after the Salazar brothers, knowing full well that if they want to find out who is behind all this they have to be taken alive.

Episode Two- The First Rule of Medicine

Episode Two- The First Rule of Medicine

The Crew of the Hsigo meets Jersey Bob at the spacedocks. Jersey Bob, who is not one to see his gas wasted on a joy ride, has assembled close to 150 tons of lumber, construction tools, and cushioned opera house seats (!) into the hold, filling it with the rather odd assortment and telling you to drop it off at Lazarus. Lazarus is a small nearby planet with only a couple of cities large enough to have a spaceport. Jersey says drop off the shipment in the capital city of Novosibirski. You will be met there by his business associate, Mr. Reginald Haversham, who will receive the shipment and give you a much smaller shipment (about 25 tons of freeze dried tuna, according to Jersey) to bring back with you.
Jersey Bob offers Zach and Anders a little side work while the rest of the crew gets the ship ready- since their skill set is more of the ‘guns and violence’ type he figures they’d be more useful guarding a train shipment he has set up. They step out of this job. Each gets paid 20 credits for the uneventful guarding of the train, only Zach spends half that while on the train on rich food and stupid bets.
Normally Lazarus, which is in the same system, would only be an 8-10 hour burn away. But this is the ships maiden voyage and Lachlan and Jersey agree that the pilot and mechanic need time to get a feel for the ship, so the route Carmen has navved out will involve a quick circle around the outside of the entire Heinlein system. This will take about 2 days to get to the planet, but the return trip will be about ten hours.
The first day out is spent getting a feel for the ship and moving in. Carmen is mostly satisfied with the way the ship handles, though like all beetle class ships it is not particularly graceful in atmosphere, and she claims she needs a mechanics kit and electronics kit on the flight deck. Mycroft spends most of his time complaining about how the old mechanic put all the turbo routers in ass backwards and almost screwed the starboard secondary coupler by cramming the wrong sized spark inhibitor into it. He did a good job making the Hsigo more fuel efficient, Mycroft will give him that, but Mycroft can’t yet figure out HOW he did it, and it is driving him a little crazy . He quickly realizes that the Hsigo has truly seen better days, and the maintenance on this ship is going to run high unless it one day gets a full (and very expensive) overhaul. Doctor Spigel finds the infirmary sorely lacking . . . the last crew didn’t have anything but a very basic medic on board, and the state of supplies and equipment in the infirmary is deplorable. Spigel will have to work out of his own basic kit until the infirmary is properly stocked and brought up to date, which he estimates will cost between 500 and 1000 credits. Lachlan explores all the nooks and crannies of the ship. Much like serenity, this ship has been tailor made to have hidden storage all over it. He finds over a dozen small hidey holes riddled throughout the ship.
The first crew supper is pretty good- way better than most on your average transport. Jersey Bob provided actual pork chops for cooking and the soy ice cream is better than most. A couple of bottles of decent whiskey flavored spaceshine are passed around as well and folks go to sleep happy.
No rest for the wicked, says the ship’s beacon sensors, which wake up Santana and the Captain after only a few hours of shuteye. Gathering on the flight deck they see that the ship is picking up a very weak emergency beacon coming from a bumblebee class homesteader transport. The ship, named ‘The Doctor is in’, is registered to Doctor Tamara Maxim and her family of four. They were heading to Silverhold but obviously something went wrong. They were due to arrive several days ago. When the Hsigo gets within sensor range it is apparent that the ship is out of fuel, retros are on but life support is off, and the emergency beacon has been on for at least several days. One of the four emergency escape pods is also missing.
Mycroft and Spigel suit up and head into the black. (GM’s note- this game we found out how important the skill survival is to operating in the black . . . you might want to buy at least a little survival). Several mechanical and technical rolls later on the part of Santana and Mycroft and the two ship’s computers are attached. A fuel line is also connected and the Hsigo gives ‘The Doctor is In’ just enough gas to get her powered up and get some atmo in her.
While Santana and Lachlan maneuver the Hsigo into place to possibly dock Mycroft and Spigel enter the small transport through the air lock. In the common area they find a lot of medical supplies and a body strapped to a gurney. Spigel examines the body. It appears that the man’s abdomen has been cut into, his guts have been removed and then shoved back in. The two search the flight deck- no one there- and the docking port- no one there- and Mycroft puts things in place for the Hsigo to dock.
Spigel and Mycroft head up the ladder to the bedroom/common living area. There they find two more bodies- the Doctor and her 9 year old daughter- killed in the same manner as the man downstairs. They also find a holoprojector which was obviously used as a travel log. Fast-forwarding through the almost 2 months worth of tape on it, they see that the family makes several references to ‘teaching Arpa the trade’. Ten days ago they flew through a solar flare and Arpa ‘went wrong and was shut down’. Nine days ago is the last entry-
‘Obviously, someone knocked over the holo recorder and it inadvertently turned on. The entire scene is sideways at floor level. A man’s voice is screaming in pain and horror a womans voice is screaming ‘Jenny and James get in the fucking escape pods NOW!’ A little girls voice is yelling ‘Mommy, I’m scared’ and a little boys voice is screaming ‘Why does Arpa want my ‘pendix, momma? I want to keep my ‘pendix!’ There is the thud of a body hitting the floor and the whoosh of an escape pod being launched and then the screams of a woman. The last scene is simply a splash of blood splaying across the field of view of the screen. Then there is only silence.’
Santana comes on the comm links having looked up Arpa and found it stands for ‘Autonomous Robot Physician’s Assistant’. That is when Mycroft and Lachlan hear something coming up the ladder . . .
All hell breaks loose as the Mi Tian Gohn hits the oscillating device. Lachlan, who had just entered the ship, heads to the living quarters. Mycroft tries to short circuit the robot and does some damage but fails to shut her down. The robot gets a hold of Spigel and only his suit saves him from being injected with enough tranquilizer to knock a horse out. He disengages from the robot by targeting the robots wrist joint and breaking it, causing a little harm to himself in the process (GM note- that was a very cool move, Connor, meant to give you a plot point for that move and did not, so take one now)
Lachlan shows up and the Robot does not seem to pay any attention to him at all (later that was determined to be because the robot was in the market for appendixes and Lachlan had already had his removed). Lachlan manages to lose his gun once and jam his gun once in a series of really bad rolls (apparently that boy needs some zero G training) In the meantime Spigel is finding it very difficult to damage the robot with his barehands but the robot is not finding it that difficult to slash Spigel up a little at a time with his scalpel. Lachlan finally gets a good shot into the robots back, damaging some circuitry, and guided by Santana’s advice Mycrofy targets an electrical charge on the robots’ battery pack, shutting down the robot. The slight risk of a subsequent explosion of the robot is quickly shut down by Mycroft’s technical engineering skills. It seems likely, in retrospect, that the solar flare the ship sailed through did some kind of damage to the robot’s circuitry and the robot suddenly took up as it’s number one priority removing all appendixes from all crew members.
The crew salvages what they can from the ship and the robot. They go recover the one escape pod, containing the dead body of the 12 year old Maxim child. They return it to the ship and continue heading for Lazarus, intent on reporting the ships location anonymously to the local authorities.
Santana is a family person and insists that the crew holds a brief ceremony of goodbye for the slain family. According to her, you don’t gotta do any prayin’, but you better not make any smart remarks, dohn-luh-mah?
The ship lands on Lazarus, drops off the one cargo, picks up the other and sails back to Paquin without any more hitches. Local authorities are alerted to go get the ship.

Episode One- A Captain, A Crew, and Half a Ship.
October 9, 2014

Episode One- A Captain, A Crew, and Half a Ship.

Our story begins on the planet Paquin, known to some as the Gypsy Planet, in the thriving space port city of San Cristobol. Lachlan Thomas, full time drifter and itinerant gambler, has finally managed to buy his way in to a big stakes poker game. When the chips are all spent he finds himself with very little cash but ownership of a modified beetle class mid-sized transport spaceship. This ship is named the Hsigo, which in pidgin Chinese means approximately the Flying Monkey.

Upon closer examination of the signed over bill of sale Lachlan realizes that he is not the SOLE owner of the vehicle. This is a joint ownership title. The owner of the other half of the ship’s title is Roberto Tatagliani, known to his associates and competitors as Jersey Bob. (Picture Badger on a different planet only tall and fat and with a New Jersey accent).

Lachlan is sitting in his small rented room with his cohort Zacharias Duplitsky, trying to decide the next most logical course of action. Zach arrived about six months ago on Paquin, shortly after Thomas did. He came from the core worlds somewhere. Disowned by his very wealthy business family, he arrived here and promptly talked his way out of all his money. He was in a bar talking himself into a good ass whuppin when Lachlan intervened and talked several folks out of handing Zach’s own buttocks to him. On a greasy platter. Since then, Zach has been following Lachlan around with big puppy dog eyes. Zach is a bit naïve and a bit too much into himself, but Lachlan has seen him shoot a rifle and knows the value of a good gun hand when he sees it. Plus, he cuts a damn fine figure. You can do a lot with people as good lookin’ as Zach. Lachlan knows this, because he’s no slouch in the charm department himself.

There is a knock on the door. Zach answers it and is greeted by Richard Salvaton, known to most people in the streets of San Cristobol as ‘Slick Rick’. Slick tells them that Jersey Bob would like to speak to Lachlan about a business proposition. Long and short of it is this; If Lachlan wants the rest of the ship signed over to him all he has to do is show up with a pilot and a mechanic in two days at a local bar called the Turnpike. Bob will then offer them a couple of jobs and if the jobs are successful he will sign the whole Flying Monkey over to Lachlan.

Lachlan agrees to meet Jersey Bob. He has just the pilot in mind; last week he ran into an old colleague of his, a ship pilot named Carmen Santana. He remembered her as a great ships pilot who came highly recommended for her skill and her discretion. As a former junior officer (honorably discharged) of the Alliance navy she also carried a little credibility with her. She and her former shipmate, a mechanic named Mycroft, were both on planet and out of work. Mycroft is a little eccentric and a little unfocused, but according to Santana he is an excellent mechanic. ‘Muy Loco’, she says, ‘But he can fixes things okay’.

(storyline here- Up until 2 months ago Mycroft and Santana were serving aboard an unmodified Beetle Class transport (named the Siren Call) under ship Captain Brad Longshanks. They served as ship’s mechanic and ship’s pilot. Santana had been on the ship for two years, Mycroft for a few months. On their last run their ship was stopped by an alliance patrol cruiser and searched. A great deal of stolen mining equipment was found in crates labeled “men’s underwear”. Longshanks was arrested and the ship was seized by the alliance. The two ships crew members were put down on the nearest planet, Paquin, after questioning.)

Zach and Lachlan and Mycroft and Santana all meet at the turnpike two hours before the meeting with Jersey Bob. They haggle over pay rates and details and swap stories. Lachlan is overjoyed to hear that their last ship was also a beetle class ship (albeit a different modification). It will mean that they will start off already having a fundamental idea of the ship’s form and function.

The whole time they are talking there as a really excellent Saxophone player who is playing background jazz tunes.

Jersey Bob and Slick Rick enter the bar through security doors in the back of the bar. They call the saxophone player over and Jersey introduces himself to everyone, and introduces the Sax player as Doctor Sioux Spigel. He then goes over ‘THE JOB’.

The JOB-

Bob has no desire to own a transport. He has people who transport for him . . .

Bob will provide some limited ship remods, a full fuel tank and one letter of reference (for another full tank of gas).

Bob wants a shipment hauled from Paquin to Newhall ( 432 hour trip/18 days standard burn ). This shipment consists of 120 one ton crates of wine and a small briefcase, delivered to a very specific party. They are to take Doctor Spigel with them and assist him as needed in carrying out a small duty. Then at Newhall the ship would refuel, pick up a shipment (250 tons of scrap mining equipment) and go to Beaumonde (100 hour trip/ 4 days). At Beaumonde they would deliver the shipment in one location, assist Doctor Spigel again with a small duty, fly to another location on that same planet and then pick up his nephew, Rico Tatagliani. Once they return to Paquin ( 480 hour trip/20 days standard burn ) Jersey Bob would seal the deal by signing over the rest of the ship to Lachlan.

The letter of reference he has will get you landing clearance and a full tank of gas on Newhall. Jersey Bob makes it clear that he does not want you to take any passengers with you for extra money- this should be a strictly crew involved mission.

The first shipment (wine and the security briefcase) is to be given directly to a man named Vincent Garibaldi, head of the Garibaldi family and Director of operations at Winged Ice Incorporated. He lives on the island city of New Murano. Bob gives you the coordinates. The scrap metal you are to pick up at Newhall will be supplied to you by a man named Duggan Vreeland, who will find you in New Murano.

Lachlan agrees to the job but asks for a short introductory run of the ship for him and his new crew. After some thought Jersey Bob agrees that the crew can take a small shipment of lumber and other sundries to the nearby planet of Lazarus (2 days burn.) He will not pay them for the job but will provide all provisions and fuel to do the job.

Hands are shaken. Plans are made. As Jersey Bob gets up to leave, a voice booms out ‘Thomas, you and I have business to attend to’. The group turns to the speaker. It is Henry ‘Heavy’ Hanson, former captain of the Flying Monkey. He talks about having proof that Lachlan cheated during their poker game. Lachlan denies this. Arguments open up and a brawl ensues. Jersey Bob and Slick Rick happily take bets on the outcome as the two crews slug it out. It appears to be mostly a game of ‘Bum rush the chinese bitch’ at first. Then it levels out. Lachlan attempts a combat kiss. Zach shows proficiency with thrown metal cups. In the end the mysterious Doctor Spigel delivers an utterly vicious double punch attack to Hanson that leaves him unconscious and with a double handful of chest hair missing. Hanson’s remaining crew flees or agrees to sit down and have drinks with you.

Mycroft and the former ship’s mechanic, Maxxie, spend some time talking craft and specifics about the Flying Monkey.

The crew all agrees to meet the next morning and take off to lazarus for the test run. Jersey Bon informs you he will have the cargo on the ship by 10 am. The episode ends as Lachlan leaves the bar. “Safe Trip, Captain Thomas” says Rusty, the old grizzled Bartender. “Captain Thomas,” says Lachlan quietly to himself, “A man could get used to a title like that.”

Booty- all players get 4 credits because Jersey Bob gave you a share of the bets against you in the bar fight. Zach, you immediately spent 2 of those 4 buying drinks for a pretty girl in the corner. She and her husband, who arrived shortly after the drinks did, thanked you kindly.

Experience- everyone got one character advancement point. If you had more than six plotpoints, the rest go to character advancement points.

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